ponedjeljak, 22. studenoga 2010.

Croatian football league and results

This is video from football match between Istra 1961 and Hajduk.

Results from yesterday :

Basketball NLB League :
Cibona - Radnicki 88:82

Croatian basketball league :
Borik Puntamika - Brod Svjetlost 67:75
Dubrava - Dubrovnik 82:84

Handball Champions League :
Flensburg - CO Zagreb 32:29

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  1. The pitch looks like the Baseball Ground in "Damned United".

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  3. you are one of my favourite blogers..

  4. croatian football looks very cool. my mate from croatia is a supporter of hajduk split

  5. great stuff, thanks for the updates.

  6. Football is one the greatest sports and it sucks that people don't respect it here in the USA